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Handcrafted Soaps Ideas for Holiday Party Hostess Gifts

It’s always good form to show up at a party with a gift for the host or hostess. Usually this is a bottle of wine; sometimes it’s flowers or fancy soaps or chocolates. for more info
The holidays are already a season of gift giving, and they really open the door for creative hostess presents. November and December really are the most magical time of the year in terms of holiday party hostess gifts!
Here are some of the best holiday Handmade Soaps presents you can give:
I recommend Natural Handcrafted Soap
Makes a great gift for father’s, husband, son and friends or just for your own bathroom.
There are acne causing bacteria out there as we all know, but these soaps can help to kill that bacteria with proteins from the goat’s milk.
Exfoliation This was amazing as I love to have exfoliated skin, to get off any possible dead skin cells. More youthful, bright skin is underneath. for more info
If you have never tried handmade natural soap, it is a must. Try one bar, and you will never go back to commercial soap again. check out here  for more info

 Shopping: Crafts: Toiletries: Soaps (102) A-Dorius - Soaps scented with essential oils and herbs, offers links to view the creative process.
 Alberta's Homemade Lye Soap - This superfatted recipe produces a natural soap that isn't harsh. No added chemicals or perfumes
. Amy's Bubbling Boutique - Glycerin and cold process soaps, includes bath and body products. AromaNature
- Soap from the Basque country, using natural ingredients such as: sheep milk, essential oils, herbs, and healing oils. Arts of Carol Ochs - Hand-fashioned soaps; wholesale, retail, custom. Site offers a wide range of intriguing scent blends. Austin Natural Soap - Herbal soaps made with plant-based oils. Barb's Homemade Soap and More - Molded soaps and speciality bars, includes balms and lip balms. Beau Savon - Handmade shea butter and clay soaps, including a collection with scents for men. Also has gift sets consisting of kitchen towels with soaps. Bidwell Botanicals - Specializes in soaps and bath products crafted with natural herbs, oils and fragrances.
 Blue Dolphin Soap - Hand crafted, cold processed soaps. Offering bath and toiletry provisions including all natural Tea Tree oil lotions. Blue Planet Soap Company - Offers a complete line of olive oil and glycerin soaps made from essential oils. Also offers candles, gifts, bath salts and oils. Blue Ridge Soap Shed - Offering natural formulas that include goat milk, shea butter, castile and Grandma's Ole Lye Soap.
 Botanie Handmade Soap - Specializing in soaps offering all-natural ingredients. Includes an ingredient list, and gift certificates. Brigit True Organics - Offering liquid and bars, plus lip balms using organic ingredients. Links to herbal information. C'etrange - Soaps made with herbs, fruits and essential oils. Caribbean Soaps - Selection of tropical soaps.
Carol's Soap Box - Natural recipe products, made using olive, coconut and palm oils. Cats in the Cradle - A cottage industry that creates handmade herbal soaps. Country Meadow Creations - Offering assorted soap products, including favors and toy embedded bars. Country Scents - Soap made from Jersey cow milk and goats milk.
 Desiree Soap Company - Assorted soaps with Montana themes. DevaLuna Soaps - All vegetable based soap and other natural products for your bath, body and home. Dragonfly Soaps - Offers retail and wholesale handcrafted, natural soaps. Located in Northampton, Pennsylvania. Earth Maiden - Offering a wide variety of natural, herbal soaps, skin care products and accessories, essential oil scented and fragrance free. Earth in Arts - Soaps and body products made with all-natural and organic ingredients including pure essential oils and vegetable oils.
 Faerie Made Soaps - Soap, hemp lotions, and body care products made from natural ingredients. Wholesale inquiries welcomed. Feather Falls Soap Company - Natural soaps in a variety of essential oil and herbal formulations. Global Soap - A variety of bath products made with essential and fragrance oils, including bath fizzies and massage bars. Go Native Soap Company - Vegetable oil soaps made in New Zealand. Includes pet products. Grace's Treasures - Handmade soap and bath and body sets. Grampianspure - Offers natural soaps and beauty products including goats milk and castile, and olive oil soaps from the foothills of the Grampians in Victoria, Australia. Granny Sam's Wild Crafts - Assortment of soap and salves.
Also offering gift baskets. Green Girl Basics - Offers soaps and lotions, as well as soap making supplies. Grubby Girl - Vegetable based soaps and bath products made with herbs and honey. Product catalog in PDF format only. Harriet's Little Soap Company, LLC - Offers a variety of products including two-scented double-layered soaps. Wholesale available. Hidden Valley Farms Soaps - All natural soaps with special wrapping for ranchers, farmers, fishermen, hunters, campers and musicians. High Street Soap Works - Offering soap and natural body care. Highland Soap Co. - A selection of luxury soaps handmade in Scotland. Homespun Naturals - Offering a selection of aromatherapy soaps. Humaine Essential Herbal Soap - Selection made with essential oils and natural ingredients. In Kristine's Shower - Offers a large variety of bath bombs, soaps and shea butter sorbet. Island Soap and Candle Works - Natural soaps, lotions, misters, oils and beeswax candles scented with tropical fragrances from the Island of Kauai. Just Soap - Natural soap blended by bicycle, as well as handcrafted bar shampoos and body salves. Kalpana's Fine Soaps - Creates artisan soaps, lip balms, shea butters, silk washcloths, and soap dishes.
  Key West Sea Soap -  Natural Mystic - Offers botanical soaps, soy candles, and accessories. Nhoas Eden - Body products including cold process and glycerin soap. Ol'Factory Soaps & Scents - Cold processed soaps made with essential oils, spa kits and bath salts. Ozark Soap Company - Natural cold-processed soaps include goats milk, honey and old-fashioned made.
 PJ Soaps - Artistic natural handcrafted glycerin soaps in a variety of themes, colors and fragrances. Pacific Coast Soap Works - Offering vegetable based soaps, shampoos and bath products including. Pacific Rain Soap - Specializing in products for sensitive skin. Includes ingredient list.
Palin's Soap - Offering natural, handcrafted soap, using the same old-fashioned recipes and techniques for the last 100 years, passed down from Grandma Palin. Handmade soaps, bath bombs, lotions, sugar scrubs and body butters using natural ingredients including goat milk, coconut, extra virgin olive, jojoba oils, cocoa butter, and shea butter. Raven Ridge Naturals
 Natural soap made from pure vegetable oils and scented with essential oils or fragrance oils. Also includes bath salts, lotion bars, and lip balm. River City Soaps - Variety of colors and fragrances available. Ships to USA and Canada. River Organics - All natural certified organic soap made with vegetable oil made using no synthetic frangrance, color or preservatives.
 Sky Valley Farm - Colorful and fragrant soaps made by a gourmet chef. Also sells alcohol-free lotions. Smith Family Handmade Soap Company - Selection of soap, Dead Sea salts, gift sets, and soap dishes. Smoky Mountain Soaps - Natural soaps and accessories in scented and unscented varieties. Soap Goddess - Cruelty-free and made of vegetable oils, with artful designs of natural ingredients. Soap N' Bath - Homemade cold process soaps in a variety of fragrances and styles. Also gift basket and bath supplies, herbal teas, lotions, body sprays and massage oils. Soap by Mom - Soaps, lotion bars, and gift baskets made of all natural ingredients and are available scented.

The Natural Soap Company - Handmade soaps and supplies sold online and from the store in Norfolk, UK. The Purple Sage - Includes a variety of soaps, body products and bath accessories. The Sensible Choice - Soaps, lotions, lip balm, and bath products. Includes goat milk and all vegetable. Vermont Soapworks - Manufacturers of organic, natural handmade aromatherapy bar soaps, natural castile liquid soaps, bath and shower gels, and nontoxic cleaners.
Located in Middlebury, Vermont. Whisper Hill - Soaps from Vermont made from olive oil, vegetable-based oils, distilled water, alkali, fragrance oils, and mineral-based colorants. Wild Fern - Offers a selection of natural herbal soaps.
Wild Prairie Soap Company - Offers soaps, lip balms, salt scrubs, lotion bars, bath salts and gift baskets. Wholesale pricing for businesses. Woodwize - Soaps and shampoo bars, creams, lotionbars, and lip balms. Washington State theme. Wyoming Soaps - Vegetable oil soaps and salt scrubs. Offers monthly specials. You're Gorgeous Handmade Soaps - Range of cold processed soaps handmade in North Wales using organic ingredients, botanicals and essential oils. Suitable for vegans. ZEEP! - Offers castile, shaving and glycerin soaps. Zen Soaps - Handmade and hand packaged soaps, inspired by zen philosophy.

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