Monday, October 15, 2012

Pure natural soap bar

Buy Natural, Organic Soap - All Natural  Ingredients.
Every bar of our  handmade soap is made using quality skin-nourishing ingredients.

Feel free to look at as all the products are 100% natural  and do not contain any chemicals, preservative and are safe and effective for your little one. hope this helps for more info NATURAL HANDCRAFTED SOAP CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Every homemade natural soap we make is 100% guaranteed, so you can shop our  Natural Soap Shop with complete confidence.  



        Brazilian Oil Soap with Acai Berry Butter
    Four Bar Variety Organic Soaps
    French Jasmine - Rose Oil
    French Jasmine - Lilac Soap
    French Lavender / Shea Soap
    Geranium Crushed Flowers Soap
    Jasmine Grandiflorum Soap
    Lavender - Milk - Rose Shaped and Bar
    Lavender with Dead Sea Mud
    Lemongrass Soap
    Oatmeal and Stout (Beer Soap)
    Organic Soaps Gift Basket
    Palm and Wild Lavender ( Aged Two Year )
    Peppermint Anise Star Soap (Aged Cure )
    Peppermint Clay Kelp Soap
    Peppermint with Sea Clay Soap
    Provence Lavender Geranium Soap
    Provence Lavender Jasmine

    Coffee Scrub Soap / Cocoa Butter
    Espresso Scrub Soap with Coffee Butter
    Four Bar Variety Organic Soaps
    French Cafe au Lait Soap
    Kona Coffee Soap
    Pure Coffee Soap Luxury
    Twelve Piece Gentleman's Gift Set

    Buttermilk and Goat Milk Soap
    Buttermilk with Honey Soap
    Copaiba - Coconut Milk
    Four Bar Variety Organic Soaps
    Goat / Coconut Milk Soap
    Goats Milk Soap
    Goat's Milk Soap with Beeswax and Honey
    Goats Milk with Golden Honey
    Goat's Milk with Oatmeal and Pear Berry
    Jasmine Grandiflorum Soap
    Lavender - Milk - Rose Shaped and Bar
    Mother and Baby Soap Gift
    Organic Soaps Gift Basket
    Pure Goats Milk Rose Shaped / Bar

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Jacy said...

Citrus soap is my favorite ,sensational smelling and lemony but in no way overwhelming.