Sunday, January 26, 2014

A collection of unique and beautiful handmade soaps to make every celebration extraordinary.

Happy Valentine’s Gift
“Anyone who knows me will tell you I love soap.
These great big giant bars have the most beautiful artisan handcrafted soaps old style print, and they smell amazing delicious …
They’ve been my favorites for years.” May Loo

These great big giant bars have the most beautiful artisan handcrafted soaps
What do you get when you combine age-old Italian Chef with Brazilian Naturalist?
The Best Natural Soaps Ingredients Organic and Natural! Edited by Liisa Sullivan
Lavender – Lovely Soap – with Dead Sea Mud and Rose Clay !
Assorted Guest Soap Gift Set
Four moisturizing variety , 3.5 oz soaps beautifully scented with notes of tangerine, peppermint,coffee or honey milk’s.
Variety Of Milk Soap , Citrus , Peppermint , Lavender , Jasmine
She’ll take it personally if you give her a handmade gift natural fragrant 1 pound soaps (scented French Soaps)
Old Style -Jasmine French Soap
Goat’s Milk and Pear berry -Made from milk honey and beeswax sourced from local, sustainable,
chemical-free hives and Farm fresh goat’s milk, this bar soap is giant in moisture,, and nourishes your skin..
Goat’s Milk and Pear berry Awesome Soap for Kids …
The Art of Shaving Volcanic Ash Soap– Patchouli
Male Body and face soap –so he can get a perfect shave anywhere.
Volcanic Ash Soap– Patchouli Soap
Not only does this handmade soap box set look pretty; its contents
(Jasmine lilac , Blossom Honey Soap , Goat’s milk , Coffee and Citrus Soaps)Smells amazing, too.
Happy valentines handmade soap
Jasmine , Lilac and Lavender (French Soaps) -inspired by 18th-century botanical for women – seductive, beautiful fragrance.
Like a beautiful, blooming French garden.
Jasmine , Lilac and Lavender (French Soaps)
Sensuous, rich, refreshing. This unisex soaps has two selling points:
It’s a scented and unscented soap with Dead Sea ingredients -
it’s a whole lot cheaper than a ticket to the Dead Sea.”— wrote Ismael.
Soap for who washes up a hundred times a day: ( Castile Olive) to pamper and moisturize skin.

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