Thursday, November 10, 2011

Friday is 11/11/11 — a highly significant date if you believe in the power of numbers

We entering an extra bar of soap for those who buy at Friday 11/11/11
Natural soap gift bars
If you would like to give that special someone something special, than why not try a
Four wonderful handmade all natural soap bars, coffee, lemongrass, goats milk, citrus, or lavender. The gift really shines through when the gift has a personal touch. Here are ideas for handmade gifts for everyone on your list. Wedding Day, Birthday, Anniversary or just for any occasion!

Copaiba Soap Friday is 11/11/11 —

Brazilian Coffee Soap Friday is 11/11/11 —

Almond Hazel Nut Soap with Cocoa Butter Friday is 11/11/11 —

Friday is also Veteran’s Day,
More Friday 11/11/11 News
Add “Friday 11/11/11 sales” section to my Google News homepage
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Lucky Dates like 11/11/11 Celebrated Every Day at …

San Francisco Chronicle (press release) – 9 hours ago
… who will not only be celebrating her birthday this Friday on 11/11/11 but it’s … babies as we’ve witnessed many sales over the past couple of months. …
PR Web
Cosmic coincidence? Nov. 11 carries many interpretations

Lewisville Leader – Kelley Chambers – 6 hours ago
A famous tabloid magazine fabricated the notion that Jessica Simpson had plans of tying the knot on Friday at 11:11 am Numerologists see 11/11/11 as a …
Ohio Lottery 1-1-1-1 Pick 4 sold out for 11-11-11

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