Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Body and facial soap( Seaweed )

Today I present two new soaps in the Collection of Homemade Soap. Unscented Soap can be used for shaving classic. They are also excellent for skin care soaps and hair. *Sea Kelp Varech with Cocoa Butter
The shaving soap with Sea Kelp Varesh is fine and creamy texture.

Homemade Soaps

They are very good for all skin types. Kelp are rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements and provide soap moisturizing, revitalizing and wrinkles. I made two soap with different algae and we can see the difference in the color of each. *Sea Kelp / Moss with Chamomile Herb I have used a mixture of alga nori,kelp ,moss and chamomile in this soap.

These algae are rich in iodine, iron, vitamins and minerals that are essential for our skin. The essential oils in the recipe for this soap is sea kelp varesh, chamomile herb, sea moss, sea foam to help disinfect and soothe the skin while shavin or use as body and face soap. Sea Moss and Kelp helps eliminate impurities and toxins from the skin. It is rich in B group vitamins . Their amino acids, and slippery texture, act as a conditioner to the skin as well.

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