Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Love Coffee!: Delicious Coffee Soap

I Love Coffee!: Delicious Coffee Soap
The joy of Brazilian Coffee Soap

Co-founded by George Howell and a few passionate coffee connoisseurs, including Susie Spindler, Silvio Leite, and Marcelo Vieira, the Cup of Excellence (CoE) was born in 1999 with a competition of 310 Brazilian coffee growers judged by a panel of 14 talented jurors. Today, CoE is considered to be the most prestigious award given to recognize the top quality specialty coffees produced in a given country and year.
On the other hand, the Blue de Brasil, an organic coffee produced on one of two related estates, was a much better representative of the Brazil profile. Based purely on taste,that this coffee comes from trees of the Mondo Novo variety rather than the Bourbon: it has the exquisitely creamy body, low-toned acidity, and blooming, spicy sweetness of the best Mondo Novos I cupped in Brazil.
George Howell's give an excellent introduction to the possibility of one style of fine Brazil coffee and also Coffee Soap as the Brazilian Espresso Coffee Scrub.

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"These soaps feel and smell great, perfect for those times when you want to pamper yourself with a long, leisurely bath.