Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hand-crafted lavender soap

Our soaps are made in small quality controlled batches using the cold process method. We carefully select our oils and blend with other ingredients to create soaps that are both mild and gentle to the skin. After our soaps are made, they are set aside to cure for a minimum of two months.

Provence Lavender / Jasmine Grandiflorum with Sea and Rose Clay(Face and Body)

Rich lather, bits of lavender flowers and the relaxing scent of lavender and jasmine in this beautiful soap.The lavender oil used in our soap is imported from the Haute Province of southern France, wild lavenders original home. Every skin type benefits from lavender oil, but it is particularly good for dry skin. With the addition of mango butter and avocado oil, it makes this soap extra creamy with lots of natural moisture. Jasmine grandiflorum flowers grown in India - also known as 'Royal' Jasmine. This is an exceptionally fine example of the classic Jasmine aroma. Jasmine is a component of most of the world's fine perfumes for a good reason. French rose-pink clay and sea clay are added to absorb dirt oil and toxins from the skin while it cleanses and tones for soft and radiant skin. Unlike other clays, French rose-pink clay and sea clay are mild enough to be use every day without drying out your skin.

Therapeutic uses
Lavender oil, which has long been used in the production of perfume, can also be used in aromatherapy. The scent has a calming effect which may aid in relaxation and the reduction of anxiety. Kashmir Lavender oil is also very famous as it is produced from the foothills of Himalayas.

It may also help to relieve pain from tension headache when breathed in as vapor or diluted and rubbed on the skin. When added to a vaporizer, lavender oil may aid in the treatment of cough and respiratory infection.

Lavender oil may also be used as a mosquito repellent when worn as perfume or when added to products.

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Provence Lavender Soap / Jasmine Grandiflorum with Sea and Rose ...


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Your soaps are beautiful!!

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